There are currently 55 groups affiliated with the ABP, including associations, study centers, departments, foundations and entities related to psychiatry in all regions of the country. The affiliates are not only the representatives of the ABP closer to each entity, institution of learning or member but also form the basis of information and unity, harmoniously connecting all ABP associates. Regional representation plays a fundamental role in the federative system of the ABP.

The six psychiatry centers of the ABP were created to stimulate activities and scientific production in the states that did not already have groups affiliated with the Association. The objective was to integrate all associates in the activities conducted by the Association, in addition to promoting an exchange between associates in the regions that are farther away from the large centers.

The ABP departments were created by the associates interested in specific areas of psychiatric knowledge. These departments are the scientific branch of the Association, joining researchers and professionals who are active in the various areas of psychiatry. All of the associates are under the supervision of the vice-president of the ABP.

The permanent and transitory ABP committees were created and stimulated by the boards of directors in order to encourage the formation of study and work groups on important subjects that arise through public debate. These committees are composed of board members and associates. Their principal aim is to lay the groundwork for ABP activities through the efforts of delegates in several regions.

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