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The Associação Brasileira de Psiquiatria (ABP, Brazilian Association of Psychiatry) is a nonprofit entity representing Brazilian psychiatrists and uniting approximately 5500 professionals. The ABP is composed of 55 federal associations and six centers. There are local entities in all states, as well as 14 scientific departments.


As a reference for Psychiatry in Brazil, the ABP organizes a great number of activities, including the defense of professional practice and a commitment to keeping psychiatrists updated and developing new lines of research.

The Association publishes the leading Latin American scientific journal in the field, The Revista Brasileira de Psiquiatria (RBP, Brazilian Journal of Psychiatry), which is currently indexed for the Index Medicus (Medline) and the Science Citation Index of the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI).

In the area of continuing education of professionals, the ABP sponsors the annual Congresso Brasileiro de Psiquiatria (CBP, Brazilian Psychiatry Conference), the leading Latin American event of its type and the third largest in the world. More than 5000 national and international attendees participate in this, the principal training-based scientific and professional psychiatry event in Brazil. In addition to the CBP, another important activity is the Programa de Educação Continuada (PEC, Continuing Educational Program), video of which is available to all ABP associates online. The PEC-ABP is a global reference for distance education in medicine.

The ABP also defends a system that prioritizes the needs of the population in terms of mental health treatment. In this sense, it disseminates the information necessary to the understanding of mental disorders that cause suffering to patients and relatives, with the objective of encouraging such these patients to seek appropriate treatment.

Therefore, one of the priorities of the entity is the ABP Community program, an effort of the Association in its campaign to clarify the various aspects of mental disorders and the stigma imposed on patients. The program is a movement to close the gap between psychiatrists and the population, increasing access to quality information produced by licensed, accredited professionals.

The ABP Community program is a public service aimed at removing the barriers to chambers and other venues at the conference in order to speak, listen and provide guidance to the population through lectures, courses, media and personal contact.

The ABP advances its activities without losing sight of its mission: to defend the professional, public and social aspects of the practice of psychiatry, which dignifies citizens, private companies, public organs, associations and other entities.

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