The aim of the ABP publications is to keep associates informed regarding the activities promoted by the Association, as well as to supply a considerable amount of scientific and technical content, focusing on professional improvement, continuing education and the debate of new techniques, as well as on activities conducted in partnership with society.

Psychiatry Today
The Journal Psychiatry Today is an official publication of the ABP. This institutional vehicle was created in 1981, is published every two months, and has a total circulation of 8000 copies per issue. It is currently produced with the collaboration of associates, who can communicate with colleagues from all over the country.

The Brazilian Journal of Psychiatry
The Brazilian Journal of Psychiatry is a scientific publication of the Brazilian Association of Psychiatry. The journal is a quarterly publication with a total circulation of 5500 copies per issue. Its mission is to publish original studies in all areas in psychiatry, with an emphasis on the psychiatry-related areas of public health, clinical epidemiology, basic sciences and mental health problems.

The Site
The ABP site is a worldwide reference in the area. Updated daily, it offers information on ABP institutional activities, aimed at our associates and other professionals in the mental health area. Produced without any financial support from the pharmaceutical industry, the site is one of the most reliable sources of information in the field of psychiatry.

The Science Bulletin
The ABP Science Bulletin disseminates, evaluates and analyzes the current scientific themes of interest to professionals working in mental health and psychiatry. Available on the ABP site, it is produced with the collaboration of associates, who submit articles for analysis by the administration. The format allows creates a link between authors and readers.

The International Bulletin
The ABP International Bulletin is distributed to psychiatric associations worldwide. It consolidates the reputation of the ABP as an international reference in the field, as well integrating the activities of Brazilian psychiatrists with those of professionals in other countries.

The Journal of Clinical Cases
For medical professionals, one of the most important means of learning and staying abreast of the latest trends is through the review of clinical cases. Therefore, the ABP offers to its associates, through the site, a journal specifically focused on clinical cases, in which interested parties can find articles that describe the day-to-day clinical practice in psychiatry.

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