The CBP (Brazilian Psychiatry Conference), organized by the ABP (Brazilian Association of Psychiatry) since 1970, has achieved international renown. It is the largest annual psychiatry conference in Latin America and the third largest worldwide.
Since it offers significant opportunities for professional growth and increasing scientific knowledge, the CBP receives professionals from all states in Brazil, as wellas from a number of other countries. More than 5000 participants attend each year.

The event is focused on psychiatrists and physicians in other specialties, including psychologists, social assistants, nurses, occupational therapists, recreational participants, students and other health professionals, especially those working in the field of mental health.
In recent years, the event has begun to exert a direct influence on the laity, through the dissemination of research and studies that can serve as the basis for the planning of public mental health policies in the local, regional and national domain.

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